Rosetta: Audio/Visual

  • Rosetta: Audio/Visual and 2 Concerts

    Package includes feature-length documentary (Rosetta: Audio/Visual), "Rosetta: Live in New York - April 19th, 2013", and "Rosetta: Live in New - August 10th, 2013".

  • Rosetta: Live in New York - August 9th, 2013

    Rosetta performing at St. Vitus in New York August 9th, 2013. A triumphant occasion and blistering performance by the band, this was the official record release concert for "The Anaesthete". Featuring multiple kinetic cameras, beautifully recorded audio by Joe Morgan, and a meticulously crafted 5.1 sound mix by J.M. Davey.

  • Rosetta: Live in New York - April 19th, 2013

    Rosetta performing at Public Assembly in New York April 19th, 2013. This set occurred 3 months before the recording sessions for "The Anaesthete" and includes a very early version of "Ryu/Tradition". Featuring 4 cameras, beautifully recorded audio by Joe Morgan, and a 5.1 sound mix by J.M. Davey.

  • Rosetta: Audio/Visual

    Digital download of the film
    Deleted scenes
    "Traveler 426" short film
    Choices of 2.1 and 5.1 audio mix.

About the Film

Rosetta: Audio/Visual is the story of blue-collar, Philadelphia-based, post-metal band Rosetta and their relationship with record label Translation Loss; every album is a creative milestone, each tour a test of faith. As the music industry appears to transform, evolve, and erode around them, the bonds of friendship become threatened by the pressures of business, and Rosetta is faced with a career-altering decision: continue with Translation Loss, or release albums independently. Four years in the making, Rosetta: Audio/Visual captures the musical triumph, material sacrifice, and personal loss experienced in the name of financial, artistic, and spiritual freedom. Running time: 65 minutes
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    Downloading Subtitles

    Jan 12, 2015 / Justin J. Jackson

    Hi Everyone,

    Happy New Year and thank you for your support! The most commonly asked question has been about downloading subtitles. just got back to us and there is a way to do this. So far, we only have English subtitles. Please see screenshot below on how to download the subtitles (.SRT file). Thanks again for your support on the film.

    Release Date!

    Dec 05, 2014 / Justin J. Jackson

    Big news this week. Today we are mixing the film on a stage in California. The film will be released on or before December 25th.